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We have changed our name, from Sogno Si to Si Coffee; we just felt it more immediate and closer to our customers. Such as the word Si – Yes!
And yes, our Sogno, our dream, is still there: to deliver a proper, authentic experience of Italian premium coffee, wherever you are

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SI coffee bags MILANO

Milano Si Coffee Bags


£14.90 £14.20 incl. VAT

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SI coffee filter ground Venezia

Venezia Si Ground Coffee


£7.99 £7.39 incl. VAT

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coffe bags

Venezia Si Coffee Bags


£14.90 £14.45 incl. VAT

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Milano SI coffee beans

Milano Si Coffee Beans


 £9.99 incl. VAT

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    Our Products Range

    Coffe Beans

    Milano SI coffee beans

    This is our new exclusive range of roasted coffee beans, roasted in small batches in Italy in an artisanal way to retain quality and consistency.

    Si Coffee Bags

    coffe bags

    Coffee bags are the practical and innovative way you can enjoy coffee wherever you are. It’s fresh coffee, especially ground and packed in an oxygen-free atmosphere to preserve flavour and aroma.

    Ground coffee

    SI ground coffee MILANO

    Our new exclusive range of ground filter coffee, roasted in small batches in Italy in an artisanal way to retain quality and consistency.

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    Why our Customers like Us

    “Lovely coffee with delicate taste and great aroma, as soon as I snip the shiny bag, and get a whiff of fresh rich coffee, I am transported back to Italy in a heartbeat. Thank you, Sogno Si!”

    Pavlina B. on Milano Coffee Bag

    “As a coffee lover, I could never drink the instant one. I have now discovered Sogno SI coffee bags and it makes it so much easier to have a good coffee at a fraction of the price I would pay at a cafe’. The tea-string makes them easier to use too. Highly recommended at work, at home or even when travelling.”

    Roberto S. on Venezia Coffee Bag


    “I had these coffee bags recommended by a friend. It took a couple of attempts to get the right combo of strength and flavour and now I’m really into them. I generally use them at work in the morning and it’s a great start to the day.”

    Mr D. on on Milano Coffee Bag

    coffee bags venezia
    coffee bag coffee love milano

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    IMG_1471 MS
    VENEZIA coffee beans


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    Important notice. BREXIT update: shipments to Europe, Jan 2021. Please Read here

    News & Tips

    BREXIT Update: shipments to Europe – January 2021

    Luca News & Events Leave a Comment on BREXIT Update: shipments to Europe – January 2021

    Due to the organisational and logistical changes triggered by Brexit, we have momentarily suspended our shipments to retail customers in Europe. We are looking to resume normal operations in Europe before the end of February. More news to follow. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. For any question, please do contact us at hello@sicoffee.co.uk Please follow and like us:

    Milano or Venezia

    Milano or Venezia: which one shall I choose?

    Luca Coffe Tips

    Coffee is personal; we all know this 😉 So when it comes to choose which coffee is right for me, here some tips regarding our coffee, SI Milano and SI Venezia. SI Milano coffee Sogno SI Milano is a superior blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, perfectly balanced, with low acidity, and long aftertaste. […]

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